Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Morning!!  Ok gals - I have finished making the cards for a class or for kits.  I have a perfect little spot picked out to have the class.  I have to figure out a few more details - so more to come on that soon.  I would like to have this class the end of this month or very early in May - in time for Mother's Day.
For these cards I used the very sweet Pion Designs paper line called "A Day in May".  How perfect is that for Mother's Day.  These papers are very soft and pretty.  You have to see them to appreciate how beautiful they are.  

At first I was going going to do 6 cards for this class, but after thinking about it I decided to do only 4 - as I didn't want to stress anyone out with too much to do in one sitting.  You won't be disappointed with these cards - they are stunning!!

On another note - the design team I am on is having a blog hop that starts tomorrow.  This will be my very first blog hop that I am doing - so bear with me as I get all these details down.  It's taking some time to absorb all the new details of being part of a design team.  But I'm having a blast!!

Prickley Pear is releasing their new Spring/Summer 2014 Release.
How this works is will start HERE!  You need to go to each of the design members blogs listed for each day and see what fabulous projects they have made.  Be sure to leave a comment on each blog for a chance to win some wonderful Prickley Pear product. So.. tomorrow morning grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable, hop on your computer and join the blog hop!!  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Prickley Pear Card

Today I am sharing my first card I made for Prickley Pear.  I just love their stamps with matching dies, and their rubber stamps are fabulous!  For this card I used the Scalloped Oval Nesting Dies and also the Scalloped Oval 4 - Floral clear stamp set.  I stamped, colored and fussy cut out the two small flowers and the two small butterflies.  Isn't it pretty??

You can check out the projects that the other members of the design team created here:
There is a lot of talent on this design team and I am proud to be one of them!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, It's official!!  I am excited to share that I am on the design team for Prickley Pear.  I just love the vintage stamps they have and can't wait to create with them.  I have added a link on the sidebar - go check them out and shop a little.  :)
These are the links to the other design team members.  Be sure to check them out.

Angela Bode
Barb Thompson
Brenda Weatherill
Heidi Erickson
Maureen Russell
Michelle Pearson
Tracy Thompson

Can't wait to share with you the projects I create for them.

Monday, March 31, 2014

I went to my very first auction Saturday with a friend of mine - Tanza. much fun.  I got some really good deals, but I also got caught up in the thrill of the sale and ended up with a few boxes of "treasures" that will be a future donation.  Next time I will need to be more selective and try to keep my adrenaline in check.  It WAS fun though!!
I've got an update on the booth I have at Green Expressions.  My sister Annette saw my booth and wanted in on the fun.  So...the space right next to mine became available and Annette and I took it.  My sister and I are so alike in many ways.  As we were setting up our space I noticed that I had many of the very same items she was putting out.  Here are a few pictures of the updated space to share.

This has been so much fun to do - especially with my sister.  I am blessed to able to spend this time with her. Come by and visit Green Expressions - it is full of wonderful vintage treasures.    Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello all.
Life this past week has been a flurry of activity. Friday I signed the contract to be a vendor at Green Expressions.  This little gem is right next to A Place In Time - a flea market/antique mall located between Lone Elm and Sentimental Journey antique malls - on Dennis St. in Olathe.  My friend Mary told me about it and when I went to check it out it was perfect.  The people there are very nice and I immediately felt comfortable with them. Come to find out my husband Brad had worked with one of the guys there - Lloyd- for many years at Time Warner Cable.  I spent Saturday setting up my space and I have even made some sales this past weekend.  Now I have alot of junking to do to keep up with the booth.
Sunday and Monday I spent in Iowa with my daughter Kelsea.  She is contemplating a move there to be with her husband.  Her husband Josh and my son Tyler have recently relocated there with new jobs in the wind energy field, where they do maintenance on those huge wind turbines. I hate to see her go as she has made such wonderful progress this past year, but I do understand her desire to give her marriage another try.
Today I have been busy creating some really fun shabby things for my booth.  I took a couple fabric hearts, two fabric and lace albums, a few pin cushions and a couple wooden altered houses.  I also put together a wreath -inspired by pinterest!!  Imagine that!

Here is one of the little wooden houses that I made.  Brad cut a bunch of these little cuties out of 2 x 4's in different shapes and sizes.  More houses to come in the near future.

And here are a couple pictures of my booth at Green Expressions.

It's kinda exciting and fun to have this booth. You'da thunk I would be doing this??  Not me - for sure!!  I still have so much more to do and so many things that I want to make.  I just need more time in a day.  And...  I still have to get my website and Etsy up and running.
Speaking of my website.....  I have begun to receive some things in the mail.  So stay tuned for more info on the really cool items that I'm getting in.
Sweet dreams!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today was my last day working at Remember This.  I am officially unemployed.  Tomorrow I wake up and will need to regroup - to find my way.  I'm not sure I have ever been unemployed - not even in high school or college.  Although, there was the summer when I met Brad when I was briefly without a job, but not for a very long time.  It's kind of an unsettling, empty feeling.  I walk in my craft room and just feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do - where to even start - with so much to do.
But..I cannot stay in that place.  I cannot think about that.  I need to move forward.  I have faith that God will help bring me through this.  For the first time in many, many years I have the opportunity to do what I want - what is my hearts desire.  I want to create, to get lost, to do what my mind takes me to in my dreams. I just hope that I can achieve what I seem to get accomplished while asleep.  :)  I want to be more involved with my church, and I want to spend more time with my children and I want to clean up and remodel my house.
So... Tomorrow I will load up the truck and take some things to Green Expressions where I have rented a space to sell some things. Things from my house, things that I have made and some more things from my house.  And tomorrow I am going to sit down and just make something...something that I have been wanting to make.  I'm going to crank up the music and sing and maybe even dance a little.  It's a start. It's the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to make the best of it.
As I tell my children - just keep putting one foot in front of another. Wake up, dress up, show up and never, ever give up!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I had my last Shabby Card class at Remember This last night.  It is sad to even walk in the door these days. The shelves are bare and it feels so empty in there.  I am going to miss visiting with all the customers that would stop in and chat with me.  So many wonderful friendships have been made over the last two years and I feel blessed to have been part of it.  Melissa said in a post last week -  "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".  So true!!  So many wonderful memories! It's sad the store is closing , but I'm happy that I will get to stay in touch with the gals from RTRT by teaching classes with Mel.  And... who knows what the future holds. :)
Here are the four cards we made last night.  Shabby Easter cards  -  soooo cute!!