Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Morning!
I have a sweet card to share with you that I made for Prickley Pear.  The saying on this card holds a special place in my heart.  It says "Where hope grows..miracles blossom".  Hope has been a word that I hold close to me, to remind myself daily of.  I will ALWAYS  hope, even when there isn't much else left...there is hope. Hope is that tiny little nudge, the voice in your head and the pull at your heart that brings back the possibility of a miracle.  And I believe in miracles!! With God all things are possible.  So...Hope is my word for the day, and I hope you enjoy this card as much as I do.

You can find more Prickley Pear inspiration Here, and you can check out other Prickley Pear products Here.
Here's Hoping you have a wonderful day today...and remember - There is always HOPE!!  



  1. This card is so sweet! I love the sentiment also. You my dear are the Queen of Vintage & Shabby Chic!

  2. Hope is always there for us as are miracles! You are a true daughter of God and I love you for that! I hope to see you soon! Your card is a wonderful example of beautiful shabby chic! Love it!

  3. So sweet! I love the papers paired with the pretty sentiment and oval!

  4. I wish I could do vintage this well! Really lovely Rene!