Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today was my last day working at Remember This.  I am officially unemployed.  Tomorrow I wake up and will need to regroup - to find my way.  I'm not sure I have ever been unemployed - not even in high school or college.  Although, there was the summer when I met Brad when I was briefly without a job, but not for a very long time.  It's kind of an unsettling, empty feeling.  I walk in my craft room and just feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do - where to even start - with so much to do.
But..I cannot stay in that place.  I cannot think about that.  I need to move forward.  I have faith that God will help bring me through this.  For the first time in many, many years I have the opportunity to do what I want - what is my hearts desire.  I want to create, to get lost, to do what my mind takes me to in my dreams. I just hope that I can achieve what I seem to get accomplished while asleep.  :)  I want to be more involved with my church, and I want to spend more time with my children and I want to clean up and remodel my house.
So... Tomorrow I will load up the truck and take some things to Green Expressions where I have rented a space to sell some things. Things from my house, things that I have made and some more things from my house.  And tomorrow I am going to sit down and just make something...something that I have been wanting to make.  I'm going to crank up the music and sing and maybe even dance a little.  It's a start. It's the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to make the best of it.
As I tell my children - just keep putting one foot in front of another. Wake up, dress up, show up and never, ever give up!


  1. The road ahead of you is full of adventure and creativity! I'm so blessed to know you and I have great faith in you! I can hardly wait to see where you'll be in 6 weeks, 6 months...6 years! God will surely bless you on your new path! Praying for you - Robin :)

    P.S. Can hardly wait to take the shadowbox class! So CUTE!

  2. It sounds like you have a new beginning! I look forward to following you! For the moment blogger isn't allowing me to follow anyone so hopefully I will get the chance tomorrow!