Monday, May 19, 2014

Good Morning!!
Another week down and still not done with the kitchen.  This has been quite an undertaking to say the least!! Tonight we finished spray painting the cabinet doors and drawers -which concludes all of the painting. Now we just have to find the hardware and put the doors and drawers on - then we are finally done!!   YEAH!!  I must say it is really looking nice in there.  Can't wait to get the kitchen table out of the dining room along with all the contents from the cabinets and drawers.  I will post pictures as soon as we get it done -its going to be really pretty.
This week has been really hectic with all the deadlines and commitments I had signed up for.  I am fairly certain that there were a few items on my checklist that did not get done.  And I'm certain that this next week I will get even further behind if I don't get more organized.
This next weekend is my family reunion which will be in Edgerton KS, at my sisters house.  My mom and dad will be in on Tuesday to help prepare and I'm sure I will be involved in that also.  It will be nice to see everyone again. Lot's of fun to be had for all!
I have a really cute card I made for Prickley Pear.  The stamp is just darling and I couldn't wait to play with it.  The little girl is just darling!!

See....I told you she was cute!!  :)  I just love her!!
You can find more Prickley Pear products Here and you can be sure to find more wonderful inspiration Here.

Here is a little more inspiration for you from Two Paper Divas.  This is a card I made a while back using their Seed Packet Banner and Sentiments Stamp.   This is my go to stamp set for many cards that I make. Another one I like is Banners #2.  

Two Paper Divas has both digital and clear mount stamps that can be purchased Here.

Here's hoping everyone has a fabulous week!!  :)  Be back soon with pictures of the kitchen and maybe even a few family reunion photos.


  1. Both your cards are awesome! Love the little bikini clad cutie. Check out the PPRS blog, is something not quite right? Hmmmm?

  2. Awwww! Your little girl is quite adorable all decked out and ready for a summer swim!!! Wonderful design to showcase this cutie!

  3. Love the little flowers on the bikini cutie! Always love what you do, my dear! I'm going to have to stop by and see all the deliciousness of your new kitchen! Only 1.5 days left to teach! love you

  4. Hope you post pictures of your kitchen when done. Cute projects!