Monday, March 31, 2014

I went to my very first auction Saturday with a friend of mine - Tanza. much fun.  I got some really good deals, but I also got caught up in the thrill of the sale and ended up with a few boxes of "treasures" that will be a future donation.  Next time I will need to be more selective and try to keep my adrenaline in check.  It WAS fun though!!
I've got an update on the booth I have at Green Expressions.  My sister Annette saw my booth and wanted in on the fun.  So...the space right next to mine became available and Annette and I took it.  My sister and I are so alike in many ways.  As we were setting up our space I noticed that I had many of the very same items she was putting out.  Here are a few pictures of the updated space to share.

This has been so much fun to do - especially with my sister.  I am blessed to able to spend this time with her. Come by and visit Green Expressions - it is full of wonderful vintage treasures.    Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Good Luck !! Have fun !! Sisters sometimes are a gift from God... lol =) Take care.... Hope to see you soon. PS Strickers have their auction the first monday night of the month and that is this coming Monday. Hope to see you there.

  2. Thanks Mel!!
    Veronica, I will try to get there. Hope to see you.

  3. I can't fully express how happy I am for you! The booth looks fantastic, so much like you! I look forward to following your blog and to being inspired by your amazing creations! Here's to making it a great day!

  4. Your booths look great! Love all the springtime bunnies...good luck! I'll be going back to shop real soon...